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Well, I had a look at the RSI Guard site after the lady ‘advertised’ it on the net. I’ve been looking for something that would actually stop me from typing and this certainly does. You have to answer a few questions and set up your personal settings such as how long you can type or use the mouse before it starts hurting; whether you suffer with no pain or actually have RSI/CTD. This took a bit of tweaking before I got the settings right. You also tell the programme whether you’re going to be a good egg and take notice when it says you need a break or whether the programme needs to ‘take over’. It monitors all your keystrokes and mouse moves and when it reaches a certain point it tells you that you ought to take a break. If you’re a good egg it will allow you up to 10 minutes to finish what you’re doing – if you have no willpower you’ve got two minutes. It will let you put off stopping for two or three attempts and then that’s it. The computer keyboard and mouse are frozen and you can do absolutely bu**er all!

The normal time that it freezes for me is about 7 minutes after every quarter of an hour and if you put off the ‘freezing’ then it doesn’t reset the counter to zero again but starts further up and therefore you get a shorter period of typing time until the next break. You can ask the programme to put up little hints and tips at varying intervals during the day such as reminding you to check your posture or have a stretch and relax for a few seconds. The software also allows several users to use the same programme each with their own settings. It will provide each user with a report that shows how much typing and mousing you have done each day and how much ‘trauma’ you have suffered by way of a points system.

The programme allows you to try it for 45 days free trial and then you have to pay for registration but this is only about ?25 I think. Personally this has been a god-send to me although at times when I’m really busy and trying to get work out it can seem like a pain in the neck But it is only doing what I’ve asked it to do which is to help save my hands from getting really bad again. And if anyone moans at me because I’m sat at my desk doing nothing – I can honestly say that the computer won’t let me. I use an ordinary PC with a Maltron Keyboard and a Cirque Smart Cat and this programme seems to work well with both. All I need now is for someone to invent a robot that confiscates my pens and pencils when I’ve been writing too much! The website address is:

Comment 1: I use it all the time and it really does help.


Using RSI guard — 1 Comment

  1. I turn it on when the strain gets to be too much. I’ve always loved it. I’d use it more if I had a touchpad, just because, to me, it has the odd effect of relaxing my mouse-hand so much that the mouse feels heavy. If I had a touchpad, I’d probably use it all the time.

    It’s a lot easier to use than one might guess. It took me no time to adjust to the very fast settings, to where its actually faster than just using a mouse, and very relieving. I didn’t realize how much stress I was putting on my carpals until I tried it and felt the relief from it, like that feeling you get from putting on better shoes after getting used to bad ones.

    I guess we tend to assume the strain is normal. Mine is moving into outright pain again, so I’m turning it on now 😛

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