Vitamin B12 and RSI

Question : I went straight to injections they are a lot stronger and go straight into the system  They also stopped a lot of the tingling in my hands which app is a side effect of B12  Not saying it’s a cure to RSI but B12 was hidden because I just blamed my RSI  constant RSI pain is of course trying in itself, I was point blank dropping in my shoes though.I tried heavy dose oral B vitamins and they did, I think, maybe, make me a little less fatigued.

Not sure they did anything for the pain though’.  Did you try tablets first: did they do as much as the injections? Is this something you managed to get your GP to prescribe, was it done by a consultant or something else/private?  Ditto how did you manage to get tested?

Answer: My normal doctor tested me via a blood test and injections are FOC  I do stress my comments were in reply to exhaustion and not RSI – though it would be interesting if there is a correlation as B12 also supports the nervous system!! If you’re asking for B12 I’d get a full blood count as well to check there is nothing odd going on!!

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