As for voice activated software, how does that work for programming?

Question: As for voice activated software, how does that work for programming? I can see how it would help for word processing but it won’t enable me to drag out a square or move items around the screen without using a mouse or the cursor keys and it wouldn’t recognize the kind of phrases used in code. Also I have heard that ideally you need your own office to make it work well and that the voice can also get RSI if used too much. It doesn’t sound like the ideal solution to me. Has anyone out there tried it for programming?

Answer: It does work. I’m not sure a day is long enough to set up the hardware and software and go through the macro capabilities and possibilities — incidentally, as you’re programmers, if you’re getting Dragon NaturallySpeaking, get Python if you can, and get NaturallySpeaking Professional 5 which comes with SpeechLinks (apparently better for macro-writing than Dragon’s own macro writing facilities; “apparently” because I haven’t tried SpeechLinks yet).

There are other things I don’t know about and third party macro programs I haven’t tried, programmers who use voice software know about that.  Of course as you’re a programmer you can take it in in a day, it’s just that there can be holdups in the process of setting up the hardware and software, training it  you will need to do the full training and run the Vocabulary Builder  and so on.

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