Voice dictation system for shoulder blade problem

I use a voice interface very successfully. When you are feeling less stressed and hassled e-mail me, and I may be able to help you set up your Dragon better. It is the only thing that kept me working. I went down with RSI 18 months ago, and am only just getting back to normal now. Please take care.

Comment 1: Thanks, really. However, the very idea of installing dragon solo back onto our PC makes me tense up all over (We had to wipe everything off our computer recently as a fault occurred and so the very little training I did has also gone – in hindsight. I expect I could have saved it to floppy but I always think of it as a weird program that doesn’t behave in normal ways). I will acknowledge that I am extremely impatient, so much so that this is cutting my nose off to spite my face. In fact I expect this is a large factor in my RSI. The added problem is that my computer at work is not good enough for voice recognition and so it would mean working at home. I am in research – short term, part time contracts, limited rights etc etc and hopefully only here till October.

I do anticipate my needing to address this then when looking for full time work. I know so well that muddling through till things get worse is what got me in this situation in the first place. I’m hoping that I can get by finishing my masters and this contract with time off at weekends and frequent lying down and the odd shoulder massage from my partner.). I must be really undisciplined and impatient and I do seem to have forgotten the month in bed and time unable to touch the keyboard for more than a few minutes. Time and many other pressures always seem to take priority. Having accepted that there is pain regularly of varying levels, having given up my car, and having burdened my friends and family with boring tales of what I can and can’t do and how furious I am about the injustice of my ex-employer, all in all I feel it takes enough out of me and other aspects of my life deserve space!! Sorry – now you really have got me going on and on.

Comment 2: I use a voice dictation system and have done so since 1994. I would not have been able to retain my job without it. I am also a member of the voice users mail list and would be happy to help you if you had any questions, etc. voice-users@voicerecognition.com. By the way, I use DragonDictate 2.02 and DragonDictate Naturally Preferred.

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