Voice recognition software for the Macintosh

Question: A friend asked me about voice recognition software for the Macintosh. Any recommendations?

Answer: I use voice-power pro version 3.1 UK edition from dragon systems. It works for operating systems 7.5.1 to 8.6.Ideally you need to run the software on at least a G4……  I’m sure there is an update from this edition.  It allows you to have full control of the computer but it’s drawback is that it is a discrete not continuous speech recognition software package. Thus you need to speak unnaturally which can be a pain.Also after 1 year of using it still makes frustrating mistakes frequently.

When I bought the package I was told that this was the best VR for the Macintosh. Cents then IBM have released via voice for the Mac which is continuous recognition.  the price for my VR was around 100 pounds…  it’s sold by voice works ltd. Although it is annoying the software allows me to do reasonable amounts of work

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