What Are The Causes of RSI?

Question: What Causes RSI?

Answer: There are several factors that predispose people to developing RSI:

  • Posture: how you sit at your computer or go about your daily work. Static posture, sitting with your upper body held in one position all day, is particularly bad.
  • A badly designed work station or work environment.
  • Other medical conditions: dislocated shoulders, fractures, etc.
  • Double use: working on a keyboard all day then going home and practicing on a musical instrument, or knitting etc. (Your arms don’t get a rest).
  • Stress: do you have a bad boss? do you hate your work? are you under a lot of pressure? are you likely to lose your job? All these can increase your likelihood of developing RSI as well as suffering more colds etc.
  • ¬†Workload: just the sheer volume of work. Do you have to work through lunch or stay late to finish your work? Do you take breaks from your work?
  • Type of personality: are you a conscientious worker? Do you work through your lunch break, stay late to finish your work? You are more likely to get RSI.
  • Nerve damage: research published in February 1998 showed that all intensive keyboards workers suffered from nerve damage. However, only some of them suffered from RSI. Current research is trying to find out why.

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