What’s the most effective exercise I can take?

Question: I’ve just been diagnosed RSI, it has spread from my right shoulder to  all over my shoulders, arms hands and fingers. I’ve just begun my career  as a graphic designer, so I am worried that I may have to give up my career  to save my health, I can’t bear the thought of being crippled by the time  I reach 30 (now 23). As an artist, my hands are very important to me.

My personnel at work very much doubt I have RSI at my age so its costing  A 39 for a doctors letter to be written to benefit personnel. What’s the most effective exercise I can take? my gp didn’t help much, but told me I’d  be on anti-inflammatory three times a day permanently. Is there anything I  can add or take away from my diet that would help? I’m right in thinking  this won’t go away so long as I’m attached to my mouse?

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