Where to buy RSI – Video?

Question: I’m working at a large research-institute in Holland as an environmental and working-conditions employee. It’s my unit’s responsibility to make sure there are proper working-conditions. One of the problems, we face is RSI. To inform our employees about the risks of their work we’ve got a video that we show to new employees. This video is only in the Dutch language. Because of the reasonable amount of foreign employees in our institute, I’m looking for a videotape about RSI in the English language. It’s to inform employees about the risks of RSI and to give them some simple options how to prevent RSI. I hope someone can help me or provide me an address, where I can buy such a video. In Holland I didn’t succeed.

Answer 1: Have you tried the RSI Association? I think they would be the most likely people to know if such a video is available. The number is 44-171-266-2000. You could also check the TUC website (http://www.tuc.org.uk/). If nothing is mentioned there, try ringing them. Unions often make videos for training their members. There should be a telephone number somewhere on the website. Ask for Owen Tudor. The third possibility is the Health and Safety Executive (Tel 44-171-396-5100). They have a very large library, as well as a very large range of publications of their own, so may well be able to help.

Answer 2: I use a training video at my place of work entitled “VDU And Workstation Ergonomics”. It lasts about 22 minutes and is an excellently produced video – it covers workstation hazards, case studies, risk reduction, workstation design, self analysis of risks, work organization and design, etc. It comes with a training guide and this includes a questionnaire for candidates to complete after training is performed.

The video is made by Vocam Video Training Productions and we bought our copy from Midshire Safety Ltd. (neither I nor my employers have any direct connection with either of these companies). The telephone number for Midshire Safety Ltd. is +4 (0) 1480 398266. The only bad news for you may be the cost – I believe the video costs something in the region of 200 pounds sterling. I also understand (though I may be wrong) that replacement copies are no cheaper (so make sure your VCR has clean heads!). I believe our Safety Officer has reviewed several other similar videos but found this one to be the best.

Answer 3: Last I heard from Richard Rossiter this past winter, he and his colleagues were preparing a set of training videos — which should be ready by now – for active prevention and treatment workouts to reduce incidence of RSIs and restore functionality, by means of a system of soft tissue workouts to rehabilitate connective tissue. I have studied and worked with their system as a consultant and have had good experience with it. Their URL in Little Rock, Arkansas: www.rossiter.com.

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