Whip lash and RSI

Question: Is anybody aware of any links between whip lash injuries and RSI??????

Answer 1: All I can say that at present I am suffering from whiplash as a result of a car accident last week. Guy went into the back of me. My symptoms feel very similar to those that I have with my cervical spondylosis. Now back to square one again, a lot of work to do with the osteopath – pain is a killer.

Answer 2: When I went to see an osteo he said that my RSI possibly caused by a whip lash injury I had received a few years previously – but I didn’t really believe the osteo as he was paid for by my company – but it’s an interesting theory.

Answer 3: I feel fairly confident that there is a link between my neck & shoulder problems and my RSI – and I did have whiplash some years ago.  Don’t know if my neck problems result from the whiplash but I’d be kind of surprised if they weren’t connected. I’ve had problems with “cricked” necks for years and years, but in the last couple of years I always have tenderness and quite sharp pains if I move quickly in certain ways. Lots of people on this list also seem to have neck & shoulder stuff going on  as well as their RSI

Answer 4: Quite a few people I have known, i.e. more than one – that’s a huge sample here in internet-land! Have had, say car accidents which have caused them chronic pain problems in their neck area. The same people have also had what we might call RSI in their arms and wrists too, after the events that caused the whiplash. Now I know a correlation isn’t the same a cause  but it is interesting to consider why. It could be:- that their neck injuries helped them get RSI(like weakened muscles or nervous tissue damage)
– that something about them (like being of slight build and puny musculature) made them more susceptible to both chronic post-accident pain as well  as RSI, but that otherwise the two weren’t related, or- something else entirely.

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