I was wondering if anyone has experienced vision disturbances

Question: I know this isn’t anything directly to do with RSI, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced vision disturbances connected with working at a computer.  I only ask, because a few minutes ago I suddenly seemed to be sitting in a room full of mist, and although that has now gone, my vision in my right eye is definitely blurred.  My office mate has suggested it might be connected with migraines…

Answer 1: I have experienced smthg similar before and also thought it was migraines as I suffered with them years and years ago. It happened when I *was* spending a lot of time not just at the monitor, but staring fixedly at one screen. Symptoms were not being able to see the text I was looking at, instead I could see ’round the edges’, so if I wanted to look at a word, I had to look at the spot three inches to the left. Bizarre, I know. I decided to call it a day as it was coming up to 5, and it wore off maybe only half an hour after getting away from the office.

It happened once more since then, under similar circumstances.  My theory was that my eyes were extremely tired, and ‘shut down’ in protest. I find it difficult to adjust my vision to long distance after being at work all day anyway, so I know I have a weakness there. I changed the colors of my screen (my background is now medium-grey) to avoid the glare, and I think I keep it at bay by being aware of it, and giving myself breaks, even if it just means going and staring out the window.

Answer 2: I just realized I might have had some ‘visual disturbances’. It’s only happen a few times, but after I have been at my computer my sight has gone black for a couple of secs. It may not be related, but I thought I would share it with you!

Answer 3: My mother-in-law (no jokes please!!) had a similar problem and was diagnosed as suffering from high blood pressure. She is now on tablets, since which the problem has gone.

Answer 4: May I suggest that you have your eyes checked by a ophthalmologist who is experienced in retinal problems to ascertain if there are any leaking capillaries: these are some of the signs

Answer 5: Yes, I have a somewhat blurred sight. I think using the computer causes a complex of problems. I am worried about it, not only about myself, but everybody who works with computers. But I have no choice, I make my living with this computer..

Answer 6: I have had a full sight test for computer users, and my eyes are fine, so it’s looks even more likely I had a minor migraine attack. Hasn’t reoccurred thankfully, but the blue text of your message had me worried for a second 😉  I understand things like poor room lighting, and bad screen position (i.e. too close) are often implicated with sight problems from using computers. My office mate is always sitting here in gloom when I get in (late, as usual), but he doesn’t seem to have any problems with his eyes.

Answer 7: At work I have disabled all the fluorescent lights

[1] in my working area, and have fitted out me and my nearby colleagues’ desks

[2] with a sufficient number of standard angle poise style lamps to illuminate the horizontal working surfaces. This means having a minimum of light falling on the front of the screen, which considerably improves the visual clarity of standard VDUs

[3], and I find the quality of ordinary incandescent bulbs for lighting papers and books much better than that of fluorescent light sources.  Having worked with both the standard supplied setup, and my modified setup, this is an issue that I now feel very strongly about (for example, if there was a management change which resulted in me not being able to make my improvements, I would be seriously looking at doing all screen-requiring work from home, or finding a new job).

Answer 8: On the topic of vision issues at the computer and related eye exams, I’d
like to point you to the following website:
PRIO, A new kind of prescription glasses can end the pain of computer eyestrain.

Answer 9: My understanding of vision and VDU use is that VDU use (because it needs fairly precise use of vision) shows up strongly any visual problems which are present but does not create/cause them.  Certainly, this was the area where I first became aware of problems as my eyes went through the process that hits us all in the 40s leading to needing reading glasses. Until I realized what was happening, I was getting continuous headaches. Once I got my first appropriate (if much hated) reading glasses – no more headaches.  So the gospel appears to be that you won’t make your eyes worse by using the dreaded screen but you’ll sure as sure find out any problems you have got!

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