Working again for half a day – what do you think?

Question: I worked half a day yesterday and then all evening I had shooting pains through my wrist and pins and needles. Though my neck was OK.  I am working again for half a day – but not too much typing.  What do you think?

Answer 1: It sounds like you are still doing too much in each day, or too much of the wrong things. Slow down or crash – it’s up to you!!

Answer 2: Many, many more stretches available, with audio guidance (or timed  text guidance if you prefer) as well as RSI and workplace health  links at  but also Imogen, you obviously have an injury, and working is making it worse.  You must realize that these things aren’t always curable.  Get all the medical advice that you can as soon as you can.  If you must work:  change the working positions of your shoulders, elbows, wrists and  hands as much as possible; raise, lower or tilt the chair, raise or lower tilt or flatten the  keyboard, move the screen, probably up.

If you at all can – switch hands with the mouse. It seems odd at  first, but you can get used to it quite quickly.  Take very frequent short breaks (at least every 20 minutes) and  stretch, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes.

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