The speaker outlines the features of the WorkRave program, and how it can be used to help prevent RSI-related injuries.

This is a video on a program called WorkRave. First I wanted to say thanks to Duncan M. for talking about this program on his Twitter page. So what WorkRave does is, it alerts you when you need to step away from the computer because, if you are like me and you spend a lot of time on the computer, your eyes get tired, your fingers get numb, and several other things. You can also potentially get diseases. This program is free, and if I run it, you see that it shows this very simple box. You can actually get themes on here, like the GTK theme, but it is just basically a simple box. This (the middle button) is the rest break that will be next. This quick break that you see, at two minutes, this one is kind of a medium rest in 44 minutes, and this big break, which is four hours. If I go to the settings, it shows “Enable Timer,” and the postpone and skip buttons, so if you don’t want to take a break you can just disable that. There is also a daily limit. You can select from a lot of languages – Chinese, Catalan, French, Portuguese, Spanish. You can start this program when you start up Windows like this. You can enable random sounds in here, and you can use the built-in speaker or the sound card for those sounds. You can show the status window, which is right here, and show the breaks. This window stays on top, so if I open other programs, it doesn’t go behind other windows and applets. So this is my video on WorkRave, and again, a big thanks to Duncan for telling me about this program.


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