Is there another that works well? These are not doing the job.

Question: I have tried Relafen, Iubrofen, and Naprosyn. Is there another that works well. These are not doing the job.

Answer 1: There is one with a name starting with v which has helped me( only while taking it..It is back to square one once I stop).

Answer 2: Probably Voltarol¬† I haven’t been given it for RSI, but was prescribed it for back pain. It’s extremely good.

Answer 3: There’s also a cream called Fenuril which helped a lot. Both are prescription, I believe. Voltarol certainly is.

Answer 4: It may be you have AMT-type RSI – I did and found that anti-inflammatories did no good at all, since they are really relevant to reducing tendon/sheath inflammations.

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