Workstatation assessment

Question: The FAQ says that everyone is entitled to a workstation assessment: can someone tell me what this means: e.g. what law or regulation says this, and who would provide it?

Answer 1: The Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992. The relevant document is L26: “Display Screen Equipment Work: guidance on the 1992 Regulations”, available from HMSO for about £5.  The responsibility for the risk assessment rests with the employer. It’s usually carried out by whoever looks after health and safety. The guidance sets out the standards for assessments in some detail.

Answer 2: With my Health and Safety hat on, can I remind everyone that the DSE Regs are made under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. This is an “enabling act” which sets out some basic rules for health and safety and then acts like a set of legal pigeon holes into which the government can slot “Statutory Regulations and Orders” (much easier to pass through parliament than full laws but just as binding). So this means that not only are the requirements of the DSE regs legally binding in this instance but that the HASWA 1974 is too.

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