Wrist Injury

Question: I am a computer consultant and spend a lot of time on the keyboard. Yesterday I was at a customer site working on the computer keyboard in a confined space. Lots of reaching for the Control-Alt-Delete key sequence (also known as the Microsoft three finger salute), Alt-Tab, Control-Alt with my left hand (I prefer the keyboard to the mouse because it is faster).  Last night I woke up with a pain in my left wrist, took two aspirin and it still hurts (less so) today.

I’ve never had a pain like this and did nothing else yesterday that would have put stress on the wrist.  From all the dire warnings on the RSI web sites should I see a GP about this?

Answer: This does not necessary mean you have RSI, you where obviously using the keyboard a lot yesterday, you might have your pain due to the confined space you where working in. I would say rest it for a couple of days & then see how you feel, if the pain is the same by all means go to the doctors. I find an ibuleve cream helpful you can try that if you want.

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