Wrist Problem

Question: I think I am suffering form some form of RSI but nobody can tell me what the exact problem is.  When I twist my wrist I hear “clicks”, as if the tendons are too short and are pulled over a bone or some other obstacle.  Is there anyone who knows this problem.  Is there anyone who knows a good book about stretching exercises (AMT stretches). I do have the book of Pascarelli & Quilter but that book does not give exercises about stretching.

Answer 1: A Physiotherapist should be able to tell you where the clicks are coming from. If by twisting your wrist you mean you hold the forearm still and move your hand around as though drawing a large circle with your index finger – this is the wrist joint clicking as the joint re-seats itself and is quite normal. It is similar to the clicks you get in any of your joints.  If it was a tendon you would be more likely to feel it jumps across a bone rather than hear it.

Also if the tendon was too short it would limit the amount of movement of the finger, or whatever, that the tendon moves.Go see a good Physiotherapist who will teach you the correct exercises for you.

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