Wrist Supports/Splints

Question: I am seeking the perfect wrist support. Most of them seem to stop the hand from moving up and down, in relation to the forearm. For my special wrist problem (Feature??), I need a support that will stop my hand moving from side to side – up and down is OK. The perfect support will give the minimum resistance to up and down movement, maximum to side to side.  Has anyone experienced or witnessed such a thing? So far I have tried : Pro Sport,

The one from the Posturite web site(Can’t remember the name off hand, that’s how good it was for me) and a Rehband.  Rehband was best so far, but not perfect, and I can’t find a supplier, and it’s wearing out.  It’s starting to look like I’ll have to make my own out of sticky tape and pencils.

Answer 1: What worked better for me is to make yourself aware of the way you use your wrist. Every now and then just look how you bend or strain it, and correct yourself. After a while it will become a habit not to bend your wrists sideways (I hardly ever do it now, and when I do it feels like something is wrong). Wrist supports make your forearms and hands weaker, and may reduce blood circulation. It is better not to wear them for long times, even if you do not wear them continuously. Besides that I really felt handicapped because I looked handicapped wearing the support, and it made me uncomfortable all (!) colleagues asking what was going on.

Answer 2: I agree – I found that an ergonomically designed keyboard (i.e. split and angled, so that each wrist can remain straight, following the line of the arm) made a big difference to pains up the outside of my forearms.

Answer 3: If you’re sent on splints ( & mine are invaluable) I suggest trying to  get an occupational therapist (through your GP) who will be able to  design some to your own specifications. My OT comes to my house at a  time to suit me & has left me with personally tailored splints all for  free on the NHS. The OT should be able to design splint(s) to fit your  needs – so allowing movement on 1 direction & not another. Even if  you’re not 100% satisfied with the finished product, it’s all free so  the only thing it’d cost is your time. My OT will design & alter splint  to suit without any demur. Highly recommended.

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