I find it difficult to write for an length of time

Question: I find it difficult to write for an length of time, so have taken to wrapping elastic bands around pens to make them fatter (also stops colleagues pinching them!)  I have found a shop in the Trafford Centre in Manchester which sells only pens (a cartographer?) They had some lovely fat ones, with a rubberized grip which look good too! They write well as there are roller balls as well as fountain pens.

I think there might have been pencils too, but not sure. It was quite expensive though (about £30 for one pen)  I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of the shop, or them makes of pens though, sorry. Is there anyone else who lives round here who knows the shop I mean?

Answer : I have been to the pen shop at the Trafford center in search for the very same thing! I ended up getting a Sensa Rollerball over the web however. The Sensa has a gel-filled largish grip which molds around your fingers and the rollerball needs no pressing down to write. I am much happier writing with it than I was with previous pens, such as the Pilot Mr. Grip, etc..  I think the pen shop may now be selling the rollerball Sensa, as well as the normal Sensas. I remember that they have a online shop as well.

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